Legal notices

1. The website
The website, along with its various versions, is designed and managed by AIC Design
Company name: AIC DESIGN
Simplified joint-stock company with a share capital of 20 000 €
Lyon Trade and Company Register N° 802 324 582
VAT number: FR44802324582
111 rue ROBERT
69006 LYON
Tel: 04 72 75 09 25
The director and president of the publication: M. Mickaël FARGETON 
Website Host: Axess Groupe 1 rue Mozart -Espace du Parc 26000 VALENCE France Tél. : 0811 460 176 / Fax : 0811 460 177
2. Conditions of use
The AIC-DESIGN.COM website is designed for personal use. No part of the content on AIC-DESIGN.COM may be used for commercial purposes. All elements contained on AIC-DESIGN.COM sites remain the property of AIC DESIGN, even after download. We remind you that various information may be accessible on or through the AIC-DESIGN.COM Website. Consequently, it is the responsibility of parents to verify the information their children may obtain therefrom, and, if necessary, to limit their access to AIC-DESIGN.COM.
AIC-DESIGN.COM may contain links to other sites managed by third parties. AIC DESIGN declines all responsibility for the content and any physical or moral damages third party sites may bring about. Proposing links does not engender any obligation on behalf of AIC DESIGN, who has no means of monitoring such third party websites. The User promises that they will not use AIC-DESIGN.COM, nor the services they propose, for illegal means and promises to comply with the national and international laws and regulations in force. The user will be solely responsible for any damages they may cause to AIC DESIGN or to any third party, which results from non compliant use of AIC-DESIGN.COM and the Services Proposed therein. In the event that the User may violate their legal and contractual obligations, AIC DESIGN reserves the right to engage legal proceedings in order to stop the violation in question and obtain compensation.
3. Disclaimer
The information and recommendations available on the AIC-DESIGN.COM website are provided in good faith. The Information should be correct at the time you read it. However, AIC DESIGN does not guarantee the exhaustive nature or precision of Information. Information is provided under the condition that you, or any person receiving such information, may determine its utility for a specific objective before exploiting it. Within the limits imposed by the law, AIC DESIGN rejects any and all responsibility for damages which may result from the any credit given to this Information, nor for any exploitation thereof or the use of a product cited therein.
Information must not be considered as constituting recommendations for using information, products, procedures, equipment or formulations which may contradict a patent, copyright or trademark.
AIC DESIGN declines any and all responsibility in the event that use of this Information may contradict the provisions of a patent, trademark or more generally any intellectual property right whatsoever.
No guarantee, either explicit or implicit, is given concerning the commercial nature of the information provided, nor concerning its fitness for a particular purpose, as well as in relation to the products cited within such Information.
Under no circumstances does AIC Design commit to update or correct the information they disseminate on the internet or on their website servers. AIC DESIGN furthermore reserves the right to modify or correct the content of their sites at any time and without prior notice.
AIC DESIGN offers no guarantee that AIC-DESIGN.COM does not contain any virus or components which may be harmful for the User. The User of AIC-DESIGN.COM will be responsible for any and all costs and risks associated with their use of the Website. AIC DESIGN may under no circumstances be held responsible for direct, indirect or any other damage resulting from the use or operation of AIC-DESIGN.COM. Under no circumstances may AIC DESIGN be held responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, special, accessory or any other damage resulting from the use, or impossibility to use, AIC-DESIGN.COM, even in the event that AIC DESIGN were informed of such damage.
4. Copyright 
The artists presented on this site own copyright for their creations, according to French law. Copyrights concerning representation and reproduction for works present on the AIC-DESIGN.COM site belong both to their creators and AIC DESIGN. Therefore, authorisation from both parties must be obtained prior to any exploitation of such rights. Your rights over the purchased work are therefore limited to private use, excluding any and all representation and reproduction rights.
5. Intellectual Property Rights
The AIC-DESIGN.COM website, along with all rights associated with its creation and textual, graphic, musical and sound content, and the selection and organisation of such aspects, belong to AIC DESIGN, or are used with due authorisation from their owners and are protected by copyright, trademark, design protection rights and/or any other existing intellectual property rights. The French Law of 11 mars 1957, which, according to subparagraphs 2 and 3 of article 41, only authorises, on the one hand, that "the copies or reproductions are strictly reserved for the reproducer’s private use and are not authorised for collective use", and, on the other hand, that analyses and short quotes meant for example and illustration, "any partial or total representation or reproduction, made without the authorisation of the creator or their beneficiaries or successors, is illegal" (first subparagraph of article 40). Such representation or reproduction therefore constitutes counterfeit punishable under articles 425 and thereafter of the Penal Code. Consequently, total or partial reproduction of the AIC-DESIGN.COM website, made on any medium whatsoever and without the prior authorisation of AIC DESIGN’s Chief Editor, Mickaël FARGETON, is forbidden, and constitutes an infringement of copyright and/or design protection and/or trademark rights, punishable by two years of prison and a fine of 152,449.02€.
6. Personal Data
Automatic processing of personal data is declared to the French Data Protection Authority under number 1777725.
In accordance with the law on the Freedom of Information of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, change, rectify or remove any of your personal data.  You may exercise this right by addressing a letter to us at the following address:
CNIL Request
111 rue ROBERT
You may also consult or modify your personal data in your client account at AIC-DESIGN.COM.
AIC DESIGN gathers personal data at various times: notably when passing an order or creating an account.
Any information you provide may be used in order to process your file, for ensuring security of payments, sending reproductions and/or accessories, as well as for monitoring order processing.
Consequently, this information may, and for the reasons cited above only, be communicated, both in France and abroad, to public organisations and private companies.
7. Data Security
All personal data which you entrust to AIC DESIGN are stored on the secure servers of our website host (excluding bank details). Access to this information is protected and limited to storage operations and processing your orders and statistical operations which enable us to improve our services.
When you pay for a presentation print order (via Paypal or bank transfer), you enter your bank details directly on the Paypal website. AIC DESIGN therefore does not receive your bank details.
Cookies: The Website is designed to be particularly attentive to Client needs. We therefore use cookies, the aim of which being, for example, to detect a Client’s visit to the Website, in order to aid their choices and dimensions.
The Client may authorise or refuse the storage of cookies on the hard-drive of their computer by configuring their internet browser as follows:
For Mozilla Firefox:
- Choose the “tools” menu,
- Click on the icon “Clear private data”,
- Find the “cookie” menu and select the options which best suit you.
For Microsoft Internet Explorer:
- Choose the “Tools” menu, then “Internet Options”,
- Click on the “Confidentiality” tab,
- Select the level you desire using the cursor.
8. Litigations
Any breach of any one of these rules will engender legal proceedings against the offender before the Courts of Lyon (France).