Terms and Conditions

1.1 By accessing the AIC-DESIGN.COM website, you agree to comply with the present terms and conditions, as well as those detailed in the legal notices. It is hereby specified that the present conditions govern AIC DESIGN direct sales of customized reproductions, panels and accessories, along with sales on the AIC-DESIGN.COM website as well as paper sample prints sold for validation. Only these terms and conditions apply, to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions
1.2 The general terms and conditions of sale, as detailed hereabove, govern all contractual relationships (hereafter designated “the contract”) between any professional purchaser (having a valid access to PRO Access), or authenticated user of the AIC-DESIGN.COM website (hereafter designated a “User” or “You” or “Client”) and AIC Design, having a share capital of 20,000 EUROS and whose headquarters are situated at 111 rue Robert - 69006 Lyon, France, recorded in the Lyon Company and Trade Register under a number we are currently waiting to obtain (hereafter designated "AIC DESIGN”).
1.3 These general terms and conditions of sale are solely applicable and replace all other terms and conditions, except in the event of explicit and written prior dispensation. AIC DESIGN may occasionally modify certain specifications of their general terms and conditions, making it necessary to reread these before each visit to the AIC-DESIGN.COM website (hereafter designated the "Website"). Such modifications may be disputed from the time they are placed online (the date information is placed online is cited at the bottom of the present terms and conditions, under the version name) and this will only apply to contracts concluded after such date. Each purchase is governed by the general terms and conditions.
2.1 To use the PRO access area, which is reserved for professionals and enables the user to contract and pass orders for our products, you must have valid and authorised access.
2.2 AIC DESIGN reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order made by a client with which a litigation relating to the payment of past orders is outstanding.
2.3  The site is available in French and English. The language of the Website reflects the language preference of your internet browser. You can modify the choice of language on the Website homepage. For all other rules of use of the AIC-DESIGN.COM website, you agree to comply with the legal notices.
3.1 AIC DESIGN proposes numbered and authenticated reproductions of art works in customized formats, for waterproof and technical use, as well as paper sample prints on photographic paper.
3.2 A customised framing system, which falls under the responsibility of the purchaser.
AIC DESIGN may not be held responsible for any error of measurement provided by the client. It is understood that the successive order stages enabling the definition of panel measurement are as follows:
1. Wall measurements
2. Choice of medium
3. Recommended options
According to your chosen options, we will determine the final dimensions of the panels in order to enter them into our fitting profiles. Unless you request otherwise in the comments section which you then validated on your order form, the manufacturing process of the panels will include the final installation. The sizing tool on the AIC-DESIGN.COM website is not contractually binding.
3.3 AIC DESIGN may not be held responsible for any installation error resulting from non-conformity with the standards in force in the country in question. Information concerning application is provided for informational purposes only and AIC DESIGN may in no way be held responsible for any installation errors.
4.1 The client will make their order according to the process in force on the site, and validate the detailed summary of their order. The client must provide all information necessary for delivery: address, access code, floor….(and, for articles requiring specific delivery terms and conditions: a daytime telephone number on which the individual can be contacted for making an appointment).
Upon each visit to the website, when the user accesses personal data or makes an order, the client will first identify themselves using their personal identifier and password, although these cannot be used alone to make a payment.
4.2 Certain orders may require that the client provide further information. In such case, the client will be notified by email or telephone of the documentation they must send in order to validate their order. AIC DESIGN reserves the right to cancel the order should they not receive such required documentation, or if the documentation received is deemed insufficient.
4.3 The client’s order may be cancelled by AIC DESIGN for any reason whatsoever, particularly in the absence of information required for delivery. The client will be notified in this case by AIC DESIGN.
4.4 Any cancellation of a firm sale (uncontested confirmation) requires prior written authorisation from AIC DESIGN. Any request to modify an order which has been validated must be accepted by AIC DESIGN, and will result in a new quote being issued.
A user account may be created by any user of the site to receive a sample print which will enable them to see print colours on photographic paper before making the final order of a panel. This sample print is for reference purposes only and is not contractually binding, neither for the sizing and cropping, nor the colour aspect. Where necessary, this sample will be refunded if it leads to the final order of a panel, a maximum of 1 sample print will be refunded per panel.
The materials used are purchased from various suppliers. In the event of any dispute relating to materials, and where the installation is carried out in compliance with standards in force, AIC DESIGN may not be held responsible for any default in the material.
Electrical installations, panel installations and waterproofing must be carried out by a professional, AIC DESIGN rejects any responsibility concerning the final installation, given that products provided comply with the installation standards in force.
Our sales contracts are included in the exceptions specified by the distance selling specification concerning the period of withdrawal (Article L121-20-2 of the Consumer Code). Concerning orders for items fashioned upon request (customised) : as such models are unique and can not be reused, the client may not, claim such withdrawal right. Prior payment of 50% upon ordering may in no case be refunded.
8.1 Delivery stages:
The deliveries made by our partners and suppliers are carried out in two stages.
- Delivery of panels
- Delivery of fitting accessories (lighting, rails…)
8.2 Delivery adress
Delivery will be made to the address you validate upon ordering as being the “delivery address”, which may be different to the “billing address”. Please ensure that the panels ordered can be delivered to the required room without damage.
8.3 Delivery times:
Delivery times within Metropolitan France are between 4 - 6 weeks after the order has been processed. Processing of the order includes payment and prior down payment of a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total order amount, and/or total payment of the order amount. For any delivery to be made outside of Metropolitan France, delivery costs and times will be calculated upon request. Product delivery times are given for reference only and the Client may not cancel the Contract or claim penalties or compensation, or refuse to pay the price or deposit specified on the order form.
8.4 Unless otherwise agreed, Products are delivered according to Incoterm ICC 2010 “FCA” for Metropolitan France. For all other deliveries, if AIC DESIGN is to organise transport to the indicated address, this will be done only as the authorised representative of the Client. The Client will therefore be invoiced for all such delivery costs incurred.
8.5 Receipt
Should any problem arise, the client will note all observations on the sign-off sheet, ask the delivery person to counter sign the sign-off sheet and will keep one copy of the document. In the event of damage during transportation, the client must refuse the damaged product from the delivery person and write “Refused: damaged in transport” on the sign-off sheet. If the client has failed to observe damage in transport upon delivery, and in accordance with article L 133-3 of the Commercial Code, their receipt of such transported objects makes any action against the transporter for damage or partial loss impossible if, within three days (excluding bank holidays) following the day of receipt, the client fails to notify the transporter, by bailiff’s order or by letter sent by registered post, stating their justified objection.
Invoicing is established according to prices stated on the order form. Unless otherwise agreed, the price is fixed in euros, excluding tax. No discount will be agreed for advance payment.
10.1 Several methods of payment are proposed to pay for your order on the Website:
• Paypal (for paper sample prints).
• Cheque (orders made in France only. The cheque must be issued by a bank domiciled in Metropolitan France). The order will be processed upon cheque clearance.

• Bank transfer
10.1.1 The currency used for our payments is the Euro for all sales, including international sales.
10.2 All orders must be paid to the headquarters of AIC DESIGN. Unless specified otherwise, the amount for the whole order must be paid before final delivery..
10.3 A deposit of 50% of the total amount of the order will be paid by the Client, without which performance of the Contract will be suspended until the entire deposit is paid.
10.4 The Client may under no circumstances evoke any cause whatsoever in order to delay or modify the terms and conditions of payment. In particular, they may not dispute the quality or non-conformity of Products, or late delivery to this end.
10.5 Any amount remaining unpaid on the due date will rightfully incur late payment interests of the legal interest rate. Such interest will be incurred until the day upon which the amount due is paid, including interests. In the event of non-payment within the agreed period and 48 hours following a formal notice having received no response, AIC DESIGN will have the right to demand immediate payment of the outstanding amount due, to suspend performance of their obligations, to suspend or cancel any outstanding orders, and without prejudice request compensation and/or cancellation of the contract.
11.1 AIC DESIGN has the right to cancel the Contract without prior notice, by letter sent by registered post in the event of:
- force majeure, or any events recognised as such in article 14,
- total or partial non-performance of the Client’s obligation to pay,
- a negative change in the Client’s financial or commercial situation, which risks resulting in them defaulting on payment.
In the event of such cancellation of the contract, SAS AIC DESIGN will be freed from its obligation to deliver. AIC DESIGN will return any amounts paid by the Client for any outstanding orders, except in the event of a cancellation motivated by a fault on behalf of the Client. AIC DESIGN will owe no compensation to the Client.
The artists presented on this site own copyright for their creations, according to French Law. Copyrights concerning representation and reproduction for works present on the AIC-DESIGN.COM site belong to their creators and AIC DESIGN. Therefore, authorisation from both parties must be obtained prior to any exploitation of such rights. Your rights over the purchased work are therefore limited to private use, excluding any and all representation and reproduction rights.
AIC DESIGN and the Client agree to keep information they may have gained about the other Party confidential. Such information may be of any nature whatsoever, and which they may have obtained during execution of the Contract.
AIC DESIGN may cite any contracts they have concluded with the Client for their publicity requirements.
Both parties will take any necessary measures to ensure that their above-cited confidentiality obligations are upheld.
AIC DESIGN may not be held responsible for any contractual non-performance on their behalf if such non-performance results directly or indirectly from a case of force majeure, including in particular: strikes, lock-outs, riots, war, international complications, requisition, fire on their premises or an act of vandalism which may incapacitate the production of AIC DESIGN or of one of their suppliers, floods occurring on the premises of AIC DESIGN or of one of their suppliers, epidemic, excessive heat, humidity or cold, interruption or delay of transports for which AIC DESIGN is not responsible, or a significant incident occurring during the manufacturing process.
A case of force majeure will engender the immediate suspension of the performance of the contract. Should such case of force majeure last for over 60 days, the Contract may be cancelled by either of the parties.
In order to successfully complete their objectives, AIC DESIGN uses recommended service providers and suppliers.
Should AIC DESIGN not, at any time, invoke any one of the specifications set in the present terms and conditions, this may in no way whatsoever be interpreted as a renouncement on their part to invoke such specification in the future, in particular the fact of not claiming late payment.
Any cancellation of a clause will not affect the validity of the other clauses of the present terms and conditions.
17.1 Any dispute relating to any operations covered by the present general terms and conditions of sale will be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of LYON (France).
17.2 The present general terms and conditions of sale are subject to French law, and these general terms and conditions can be consulted in French language.
In the event of a dispute, the parties accept that emails may be considered as original writings constituting perfect proof and agree not to contest such means of proof, except to question its authenticity
Personal data: automatic processing of personal data is declared to the French Data Protection Authority under number 1777725 v 0
In accordance with the law on the Freedom of Information of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, change, rectify or remove any data concerning you.  You may exercise such right by adressing a letter to us at the following address:
AIC DESIGN / CNIL Request /111 rue ROBERT / 69006 LYON / FRANCE
Email: info.request@aic-design.com
Company name: AIC DESIGN
Simplified joint-stock company with a share capital of 20 000 €
Lyon Trade and Company Register N°: 802 324 582
VAT number: FR44802324582
Address: 111 rue ROBERT 69006 LYON - FRANCE
Tel: 0033 (0)4 72 75 09 25