Maximum reproducible size W/H: 
220cm / 147cm
Available for sale : 50

Our know-how is based on precise color’s rendering.

Most computer’s monitors are not calibrated to visualize colors accurately. Therefore a  color sample of the artwork -that you have selected- can be very useful.
We recommend that you order a A4 size color print on paper to be used as guidance.  The print represents 100% of the artwork (before framing/cropping options apply). Colors will match closely the final output (panel with printed artwork). Please note that the paper print is indicative only and not subject to contract.
For order and online payment of you A4 print, please create an account and log in. Payment is secured via PayPal (no registration required).
A credit voucher for the same amount will be issued upon ordering. The voucher will be processed and deducted from your final invoice.
> than 1 000,00 € ex. VAT
Step 1 - Dimensions of the wall

Dimension Guidelines - Step 1

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Kindly note that all dimensions and calculations must be expressed in cm (100cm = 1m)

AIC printed panels are 300x200 cm maximum. The printed artwork can be cropped in different way:


Macintosh HD:Users:mickaelfargeton:AIC_Design:Site web:Tutoriel Etapes 1 à 4:Dim panneau.jpgYou can crop anywhere within the artwork that you select.
AIC Design panels can be easily custom made to your requirements, if you choose to crop the artwork to fit your wall dimensions for instance.
For the purpose of reproduction rights, your cropped area must represent a minimum of 50% of the artwork.
As soon as a dimension (width or height) exceeds 200 cm, the other dimension must be smaller than 200 cm.
For example, a panel produced by AIC Design will not measure 300x300 cm or 250x220 cm.
To guarantee a high definition and reproduction quality, some artworks can have a minor dimension.
Panel Dimension Calculations:
Macintosh HD:Users:mickaelfargeton:AIC_Design:Site web:Tutoriel Etapes 1 à 4:mesure mur.jpgMeasure your wall to the millimeter. To properly verify field dimensions, we advise you to take height and width dimensions in several different places on your wall especially if you want the panel to cover the entire wall surface. Then enter the smallest dimensions in the online calculator provided (for example 230.2 cm)
We will calculate the needed tolerances to facilitate the panel installation on any installation option you choose, with light, rail or a complete frame (step 3).

Width (60-300) 60 cm to 300 cm are mini/maxi dimensions available for each artwork reproduction
Enter your dimension in cm:  (you can indicate your measurements to the millimeter, for example 230.2 cm)
Start entering either the width OR the height.
With your dimension, our calculator will propose a minimum and maximum dimension reproducible depending on the adjusted cropping and maximum size of our panels.When possible the proposed dimension will correspond to the complete artwork (100%).
Though, you should enter clear dimensions whether you choose an installation with light or not
Once your dimensions are entered, click on



A frame appears on the selected artwork, you can move it as you decide to crop the artwork as you wish. The final artwork reproduction will respect as close as possible your desired cropping, although the graphic display on your screen is not contractual.




:cadrage oblique.jpg

Custom cut:
We can also provide a custom cut for an oblique wall. In this case, please indicate the largest width for price calculation purpose and make sure to indicate the desired cut in the comment box. Please leave your telephone number as we may need to contact you for further details.
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The maximum panel size is 6m² (64,58 ft²) : 300 x 200cm. Reproduction should cover at least 50% of the original.
Chords of x1 point
We reduce the final panel by 5mm on each side for an easy-to-fit installation unless specific request (comments)
Chords of y1 point
Chords of x2 point
Chords of y2 point
Step 2 -­ Materials

Choice of materials Guidelines - Step 2

We offer different types of backing support, in accordance with installations and constraints (high temperature, UV resistance, extra lighting), we select materials with specific qualities. Unless exception (S5) our supports are:

Thickness of 8-10mm.

Weight approximately 10 kg per square meter

The price calculation of the reproductions depends on your choice of support.


S1 : Bathroom – Kitchen (conditions)/UV :

Bathroom: Material perfectly fitted to bathroom and our lighting systems, it allows the maximum light transmission and is perfectly UV resistant.

Kitchen - on approval - can be installed without problem behind an induction cooking surface, when respecting 10 cm distance between the panel and the stove. This material resists to temperature up to 80 degrees Celsius. For a gas stove with higher heat generation we advise a higher distance, or see use of material S3.

S2 : N.A

S3 : Fire resistant Class M2.

This material is recommended for all application needing a fire certification, or for an occasional exposure to temperature beyond 80 degree Celsius.

The light transmission is lower than S1 material.

Indoor installation is contingent upon no exposure to UV (not expose to window or in a room flooded with natural light); in this case you will need to consider our S4 backing support.

Fire resistance Class M2 certification on demand.


S4 : Fire resistant Class M2/UV+

Same characteristics as S3.

Intended to interior installation with UV exposure (facing window/ light well…)

S5 : Metal (not available)

                  Scheduled for availability in 2014

Our production lead time is between 4 to 6 weeks.

For illuminable supports, the box “wish for enlightened installation” is checked by default

When you choose this option, we will frame the final panel dimension so as to match perfectly our installation profiles. Please write your special requests  in the comment box and do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification.

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Production time : 4-6 weeks
Step 3 – Recommended Options

Options Guidelines - Step 3

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Profiles used for installation.

For a lit installation with LED systems, we recommend our profiles.
Our profiles are brush stainless steel 14/10 and can be cut to form a frame.

They can be used to:

.Fix the panels against a flat support,

. Assure the stiffness of the support

. Integrate the LED lighting system



Installation on entire wall (edge to edge)

The edge to edge installation is selected by default for lit installation; in this case you will only need a top and bottom profile.

Installation on partial wall


In case of a lit installation and if the panel is not edge to edge, you will need to add a (vertical) profile height on the exposed edge.

Complete frame installation

If it is a frame not installed edge to edge, thank you for check the box: “full frame solution” (all around).



Leds 4000K - IP67
Available in 5 meter roll, our LEDs are waterproof, low tension, dimmable (intensity variation). See technical information file
We advise you install a LED line on top for panel  < 150 cm, for panel over 150 cm we also recommend you install a LED line inside the top and bottom profiles.
Waterproof power supply 150W
For all types of installation with our LED systems, only one transformer is needed.
Transformer IP 66, 2x75 W. For installation advice, see “installation”.
Remote control for waterproof power supply
In case you do not have access to an electrical line close by, or if you do not wish to saw cut your wall, the remote control can initiate your LED system as well as control the dimming of the LED (intensity variation).
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Profile rail :
Lighting :
Step 4 – Other items

We also provide

A sealant neutral cure, fully elastic onecomponent joint sealant based on silicones.
A MS polymer adhesive high quality single component adhesive sealant with high adhesive strength and initial tack.

Delivered in France. Export : FCA in France. For any other pricing for export, please contact us.